Greater Guyana Initiative

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GGI’s Hinterland Poultry ‘Egg Sandwich’ Project continues to support Regional commerce and enhanced local capacity

The Greater Guyana Initiative’s (GGI) funded Hinterland Poultry ‘Egg Sandwich’ Project, is transforming hinterland poultry production, providing both nutritional and financial benefits to consumers and producers, enabling access to affordable, locally produced, high-quality chicken and eggs and reducing the importation of poultry products. This GY$120 million investment project is executed

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Safety Culture Advances

-The GGI and the Centre for Local Business Development are improving safety culture in Guyanese businesses The Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD), through the support of the Greater Guyana Initiative (GGI), plays a leading role in supporting Guyanese companies to better understand and access increasing opportunities in the oil

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