Greater Guyana Initiative

GGI Supporting the Enhancement of Technical Education in Guyana

The Greater Guyana Initiative (GGI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Council for Technical and Vocational Education Training (C-TVET), and LearnCorp International has commenced Phase II of its enhanced technical and vocational training across the country. 

Following the success of Phase I which commenced in 2019 at the Linden and New Amsterdam Technical Institutes, Phase II is now being expanded to include the Leonora and Mahaicony Training Centres. With GGI’s long-term commitment to capacity building to further propel sustainable development in Guyana, this project will benefit the Electrical and Welding Programmes, and introduce safety programmes and professional development for instructors and students. Additionally, the project will upgrade the existing infrastructure and provide new equipment, supplies and training materials.  

During Phase I of this Project, Linden and New Amsterdam Technical Institutes also benefited from upgrades to their Electrical and Welding Programmes – these include infrastructure upgrades, renovations and upgrades to the electrical and welding workshops.  Curriculum packages were also developed in alignment with the requirements from the Caribbean Association of National Training Authorities (CANTA) and National Centre for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), along with the roll-out of a Basic Industrial Safety Training (BIST) Programme – across all TVET locations. 

President of ExxonMobil Guyana Limited, Mr. Alistair Routledge highlighted the importance of investing in human resources for the future. He noted that projects of this nature are improving the opportunities for people in Guyana by helping them to become skilled professionals, thereby improving their earnings and quality of life. “So, this is critical, this investment in people needs to be continued. We are delighted that projects like these are raising the standards of institutions and bringing them up to the international standards because that’s what will be required to be internationally competitive,” Mr. Routledge mentioned. In expressing his commitment towards the project, Mr. Routledge said that GGI is delighted to see that their investments are not only making a difference but also that their collaborations with all stakeholders are driving prosperity for a sustainable future.  

The overall goal of the Project is to enhance the quality of technical training, elevate the standard of technical education across the country and create a learning environment that will raise awareness of safety and assist in developing a safety culture throughout Guyana. 

Minister of Labour, Honourable Joseph Hamilton, in his address to the attendees, advocated that technical education and vocational training must be made as prominent as academic learning. To this, he emphasized that, “long-term projects must revolutionize learning and education in the country, ensuring that children have the aptitude to be technical, giving them the same council and guidance and facilities.” 

The project was also praised by the Ministry of Education which was represented by the Deputy Chief Education Officer for Technical, Dr. Ritesh Tularam. He encouraged students and instructors to make full use of the facilities citing that programs like these are instrumental in raising the standards of technical education and training in the country. 

By working collaboratively with all stakeholders involved, GGI aims to ensure the sustainability of this initiative. Ms. Jada Daniels, a student of the Linden Technical Institute, where the Pilot Programme began, shared that the opportunities her Institute has received to work on professional and electrical machines have been nothing short of exhilarating. The student, in her testament to the programme, said, “It’s not merely about learning skills but immersing ourselves in a professional environment where excellence is the standard.” She noted too that the programme has provided the institution with avenues for capacity building, which she deems immeasurable. 

The Greater Guyana Initiative is a US$100 million, 10-year investment made by the Stabroek Block co-venturers – ExxonMobil Guyana Limited, Hess Guyana Exploration Limited and CNOOC Petroleum Guyana Limited. It is geared towards developing the local workforce, building human capacity, enhancing education, and improving healthcare, aimed at promoting sustainable economic diversification in Guyana.